Huron County Project Lifesaver



   Senior Enrichment Services is proud to be part of a team that has launched Project Lifesaver in Huron County.


Participants in this program will receive a personalized radio transmitter in the form of a wristband, each with its own code that transmits 24/7.  These bands are for senior residents who may have dementia or Alzheimer, and the family is concerned about them wondering away from home or their caregivers.  Each transmitter is registered with a specific code that corresponds with the individual client.  This program allows the caregiver the ability to notify the local sheriff's department when their lsheriffoved on is missing, in order to expedite locating them.

Our agency is one of the reservation portals for the program that is being offered by the Huron County Sheriff's Department.  The first participant has already been enrolled, and we hope other families will take advantage of keeping their loved one safe.  If you know of anyone whose family is being impacted by Alzheimer's or dementia and would like to hear more about this new safeguard program, please contact the Norwalk office.